Saturday, December 18, 2010

"An Eternal Allegiance"

An infinite sea of words translated into any language would never be enough to flood the canals of apathetic ears.

The cantankerous allegiance that binds us is eternal and measures beyond the continuation of calendar years.

Upon the expiration of my earthly existence, I want nothing more than for the heavens to open and your smile to shine down like the warm rays of the sun.

My jubilant memories of you will forever play on a never-ending loop within the depths of my mind as your voice commentates each and every one.

Your beautiful mind has left footprints across the hearts of many and your heart has been stretched to cover all corners of the earth.

Your departure from this realm is not only a junction to another realm, but a prerequisite to a far more meaningful birth.

My refusal to utter the words farewell  has driven me to produce a benediction and a cordial salute.

For my dark clouds will soon subside and our eternal alliance will inevitably be renewed.



  1. Damg man. RIP Kendall. We had some good times & good laughs that I will never forget. Praying for your family and Keno.

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  3. That writing is tears that flowed, a frown from the forehead to the lips that were drawn downward. in the end what is left is a broken heart, but hearts can be healed, lips can still smile, frowns in the forehead can be smoothed out, and the tears can be dried. all of this can be replaced with the wonderful times we were together Kendall. R.I.P.